Wicker Baskets Display Merchandiser Flower Bakery Produce Basket Floor Stand Display Rack 101183

  • $30.60

Fixture Displays Two-Wicker Baskets Oval Bakery Bin Food Produce Merchandiser Floor Stand Display Rack.
This oval wicker basket and floor stand display rack is perfect for displaying your favorite specialty breads, packaged snacks chips, pita chips, pretzels and all other salty snacks.
The wicker basket offers an elegant look while the sturdy tube steel and wire stand offers you the desired durability.
Features a small footprint the display does not take up a lot of space in your convenience store, coffee shop, supermarket or restaurant.
This display would also be great to hold a variety of kitchen utensils, such as wooden spoons and more.
This floor stand display comes with a sign clip on the top, allows you display ads, signages, price list and etc.
Fill this bin merchandiser with candy, toys, accessories, and more in your retail store to promote the sell. Add to your cart today!
Basket Outer Dimension: 11" in top diameter; 8.6" in bottom diameter; 13" height.
Overall Dimension: 27.4" width x 48.4" height x 15.1" depth.
Max. Capacity: 15 lbs each basket.