3 Tier Basket Display - Color Choices 101190

  • $260.00

This Wooden Basket Display will attract customers with it's stylish beauty. If you have a product you want to move, then this wood basket display is the perfect choice. Woven Baskets are a hot feature of this Wood Display Rack and with a well designed frame, with optional color for added attention, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. Ideal for fruits and vegetables, snacks, bags of nuts, and other highly requested and profitable items, this Wood Rack is sure to make you a lot of money.
Rustic - Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted
55"T X 26 3/4"W X 18 1/2"D
Bins are 5" Deep
Pictured Hunter Green basket display / Oak Baskets
Baskets available in Oak only
Available in Black, Cherry, Early American, Hunter Green,
Natural, Oak Stain & Weatherwood
There is no more unique way to showcase delicious candy than to use racks wood. These products draw attention to the delicious treats, whether they are used in a store, hotel, or trade show booth. Do not place items on regular metal shelving or wall units when these attractive bulk displays are available at a much lower cost. They add some flair to wherever they are located and customers will comment on the attractiveness of them almost as much as the candy.
Racks wood are sturdy because they are made from woods of different types. They are sold either unfinished for a rustic look or as a more refined painted or stained look. Unfinished tables and pedestals are the perfect type of display rack for a country store or a trade show booth with a rustic or western them. They come in different heights and can be combined in a cluster or spread throughout the location.
It is not always easy to find candy displays for pegged candy but these are available. Rather than putting these pegged treats in a basket where consumers cannot see the entire variety available, purchase racks wood of the slatwall and pegboard style and hang each item on a separate peg. It lends an organized look to the inventory and consumers can see what is available without doing any digging.
For a unique display rack for a small assortment of treats, purchase a cart. It features two large wheels, often painted an attractive color, and a matching overhang. Carts can easily be moved from one location to another so they are perfect for hotel lobbies and stores that have specials or sidewalk sales. Place the hot sellers or clearance items on a cart and watch them disappear!
Racks wood that feature barrels or baskets are cute for stores that separate candy by color or type. Place an assortment of taffy in these units, with one flavor per basket or barrel. These are great for any small candies because a large quantity can be displayed at once, encouraging shoppers to purchase by the handful, rather than individually.
Storeowners, hotels, and trade show booths will find that racks wood are the perfect way to display candy products. The inventory can be conveniently viewed by shoppers and the display is attractive in itself. These systems cost much less than something built into the wall and since they are portable, they can be repositioned at any time.