30 Bucket Revolving Rack - Pre-Filled 101255

  • $676.00

Convenient Point of Purchase Access
Increase Impulse Sales
Includes 30 popular fun-sized candies
Rotation Eliminates Dead Space
Need a candy filled POP display rack? This 30 bucket rack is pre-filled with 1800 piece of popular fun-sized candies. This Proven Money Maker is the #1 High-producing Impulse Display Tower in the nation. Our Candy Order Form makes reordering easy! Get Your Money Maker Today!
Sell for 39 cents each, 3/$1 or 8/$3 - Average sale is over $1.
Large capacity 30 (5x7) buckets on 5 rotating levels with no dead spots.
5' high with a small footprint - only 23" in diameter.
60"h x 23"d