5 Ounce Glass Jars w/Lids - 36ct 101325

  • $48.90

Possesses A Magnetic Appeal
Display Candy, Nuts, And More
Each Order Totals 36 Glass Jars
The 5 Ounce Glass Jars w/Lids Set has a magnetic appeal that just can¡¯t be stopped! These glass containers are ideal to display candy, nuts, small hardware, and much more. A set of 36 glass jars, so you won¡¯t have to worry about running out! These work amazingly as party favors too. Place your order today!

Depth 2 3/4"iameter 2"
5 ounce
36 Glass Jars - Packaged in sets of 3
Not For Liquid Items
Includes Easily Removable Plastic Flat Lid
Has Flat Bottom and Side
Opening At The Top Or Up At An Angleff