Heritage Hill Jar With Lid - 96 Ounce 101326

  • $23.20

Fabulous For Retail or Decorating
Old Fashioned Elegance
Give Them Something To Talk About! These elegant and inviting glass containers will make your retail store the talk of the town. Glass jars are ideal for displaying upscale candies and party mints. The canisters are also great for organizing a collection of items in your bathroom or living room.
These containers can be used for birthdays, weddings, or other special events. This clear glass candy jar keeps your products fresh! Check out the variety of glass canisters and purchase your order today!

4 Lbs
8 1/8" H
6 7/8" T
7 1/8" B
7 3/8" D

If youre looking for candy jars for your business, youre in for quite a surprise the possibilities seem endless! From small plastic candy jars to large glass candy jars, there is a candy container out there for nearly every need your business has. Too, if you plan to display candy that isn't wrapped, you can find candy jars with accessories like aluminum or plastic scoops or tongs your customers can use to gather the candy, as well as containers with lids that will help keep your candy fresh and safe from debris. What you might also be surprised to find out is that candy jars are beneficial tools for more than just folks who manage candy stores theyre even great for more than just displaying candy! Below are three ideas for using candy jars in your business.

Its like one or more of them will appeal to you and might even make you think of additional ideas!

1. Candy Jars Work Well for Many Businesses You dont have to manage a candy store to create a candy display for your customers. Convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, bookstores, toy stores, movie rental galleries ¨C many of these kinds of establishments create candy displays for their customers