1 Gallon Heritage Hill Jars & Lids - 4ct 101329

  • $85.30

Four Elegant Glass Containers
Lids Help Keep Your Merchandise Fresh
Nothing but first class! These1 Gallon Heritage Hill Jars & Lids are perfect for selling bulk candies. Treat your guests to a variety of delicious delicacies when using glass canisters. A large candy jar is perfect for hands of all sizes to easily reach merchandise. Use the one gallon glass jar on tables, counters and shelves to add a shining display to your business. Evoke a sense of nostalgia with the set of glass jars that are filled with old fashioned candy. You'll be flying high with elevated sales and profits, order today!


H: 9 15/16"
D: 7 5/16"
B: 7"
T: 6 13/16"