48oz Mini Montana Jar - Black Metal Cover - 4ct 101337

48oz Mini Montana Jar - Black Metal Cover - 4ct 101337

  • $62.30

These Mini Montana Jars are packaged as a four pack and the small jars are 48 ounces each. The glass canisters are provided with a black metal cover and are very durable. Use this multipurpose small glass jars for candies, cookies, and other small items. Create beautiful favors, gift jars and more with the attractive glass canisters. Look at all of the available glass jars and purchase your order today!

48 Ounces
Black lid provided
4 jars to a package
Variety of uses
6 1/8", 6", 5 7/8", 5"
Whether someone owns a shop that is dedicated completely to candy or a convenient store that simply sells a few treats, they need to use the right candy jars to promote their products. Building a fun and eye catching candy display can be the key to boosting sales. Customers may not have come in for candy, but when they see the fantastic candy display containers, they may not be able to resist.

If space is an issue when it comes to organizing a sales floor, then hanging jars may be the best option when it comes to candy jars. They conserve space by fitting easily into any slatwall display stand. These jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide the customer with more options in a smaller space, which is sure to help give sales a little boost.

In order to really make a statement with a candy display, shop owners might consider using fishbowl shaped candy jars. These jars are available in sizes as big as two and a half gallons, so they can hold a great deal of product at one time. The wide open mouth makes it easy for customers to grab what they want, and these bowls can even be customized with the logo of the shop silk-screened onto the side.

There are some types of candy that are delicious and popular among customers, but do not fit comfortably into most candy display racks. In this case, the best candy jars to use are the hinged lid groove top containers. These candy display containers have a shape that can accommodate large or oddly shaped candies, and they can even stack one on top of another to save space on the counter.

In some stores, the key to keeping return customers interested in the inventory is changing the candy display around on a regular basis. This is easy to do with the hand grip jars, which are lightweight and easy to grasp. They make it simple for store owners to shake things up regularly and keep their customers wondering what else might be new in their favorite candy store.

Service and selection are important for any candy store, but candy jars can make an equally big impact on how much candy is sold. The best jars will create a fun and exciting presentation, while making it convenient for customers to shop. Shop owners will be shocked to see how much they can increase their sales just by changing around some of their display options.