T6 (1000 Lumen) LED Adjustable Headlamp Headlight Lamp Light 16036

  • $8.74

Fixture Displays T6 (1000 Lumen) LED Adjustable Headlamp Headlight Lamp Light. Blue and black theme dual colors.
This T6 high quality LED provides 1000 Lumen of light. Head light can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees. Durable aluminum alloy material led casing.
Rear end battery housing contains two re-chargeable and removable batteries. Charging cable provided to directly charge batteries in battery housing. Adjustable and elastic head band allows snug fit and ease to weare and take off.
The red indicator light on the battery housing add safety for users at night. Great for plumbers, electrician, fire fighters, and outdoor sports such as hunting, cycling, climbing, and camping, etc.
Features three switch modes: Bright, Dim, and Flashing Mode.
Battery model: 18650 lithium Battery (Included).
Adjustable Focus: By stretching the LED lamp assembly to choose desired near or far focus.
Weighs 0.6 lbs. One size fits all.