LED Illuminated Sign with "OPEN 7 DAYS" Message, Red & Yellow 16677

  • $15.27

Fixture Displays LED Illuminated Sign with "OPEN 7 DAYS" Message, Red & Yellow. These open LED signs have a specific message designed for businesses open every day of the week!
* The illuminated displays do much more than simply communicate to customers that the establishment is open for business, it also helps let potential customers know that the store has hours 7 days a week.
* This light up "OPEN 7 DAYS" sign that is for store windows illuminates with LED blubs. These high quality blubs are in the interior of the unit, illuminating epoxy letters from the inside, when passing customers see the illuminated unit hanging at the front of a business, they will be made aware of an establishment's service time.
* This "OPEN 7 DAYS" LED signs that use light emitting diodes conserve energy all while providing satisfactory brightness just like standard neon displays. For that reason, businesses can keep the illuminated light-boxes "ON" all day without worrying about the costly electric bills.
* These energy-saving LED signs illuminate brightly, attracting both walk-by and drive-by traffic.
* Dimensions:17.2"W x 9.3"H x1.4"D