Wood Bakery Rack Bread Shelf Stand Produce Grocery Display Kitchen Organizer 101198

  • $131.48

Fixture Displays Wood Shelf Stand comes with 3 wood shelves. Each shelf is 24" Wide X 18.5" Deep. Lip is 2". Shelf clearance is 17.5".
Overall product size is 26.8" X 18.5" Deep X 51.5" High. Made of solid pine, primed with clear coat.
Comes with 4 casters, 2 locking, 2 non-locking to help easily move the rack around your store. Wheels are 2 inch in diameter.
This three-tiered display features shelves that can be set up either flat or angled. Help make your products stand out with natural style.
Totally an attractive and convenient three-tier produce display stand.
Increase Impulse Sales Versatility When you need a display that can have multiple uses the tiered crate display is a charming option.
This wooden display can handle everything. Whether you need a produce display or a place to show off novelty items wood crate displays can handle it.
To make sure you have no trouble putting it together, here is a full length assemgbly video: https://youtu.be/F5gUhzWUCmI.
You can also search " 101198-PINE Tiered Crate Display Instructions" on youtube to locate the video.
You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/101198.AVI