5"6"7"Black Acrylic Display Risers 1/8" Thick 20005

  • $31.16

This acrylic pedestal, showcase riser is great for figurines and is frequently used to showcase retail items in department stores, boutiques, antique malls, libraries, museums as well as in the home.                                                                                                     Each jewelry platform is constructed from 1/8"acrylic ensuring long term use in high traffic environments.
A showcase riser, called retail staging, presents items to patrons with a professional and classic flare.
An exhibit for model cars, showcase riser that is 1/8" thick includes a set of (3) tiers which can be arranged to the users liking for the ideal merchandising showcase.
Retail pedestals are most commonly used commercially to elevate items such as designer perfume, colognes, hand lotion, necklaces, earrings, decorative kitchenware and more.
For exhibiting fragile collections, business owner's place the showcase riser that is available in clear and black inside or atop glass chests allowing the proprietor to selectively handle the more delicate pieces.
Acrylic stands such as these jewelry pedestals are also" popular organization tool for homeowners.
Plastic jewelry stands are an effective marketing tool.
This showcase riser provides an elegant presentation for precious collectibles.
The jewelry display can be used atop a vanity or