Cedar Tubs - 17" x 14" - Set of 4 101312

  • $275.00

Great For So Many Uses
Natural Cedar
Lovely cedar barrel tubs are the perfect barrel display option for anything and everything. This set of Cedar Tubs is a welcome addition to so many areas of life. Use as a candy display in your store, a planter at your home or even a decoration for so many events. These wood tubs are a needed and welcome part of everyday life. Order Today!

This item is Rustic Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted.

Constructed of rot and pest resistant Northern White Cedar
17" x 14"
Handmade with Cedar staves bound by Oak bands
Planter will weather to a silver gray if left in it's natural state
The Many Ways To Use Wood Tubs In A Store

When most people look at wood tubs, they think of something that would sit in their garage holding discarded items. If they give them another look, however, they will see that they can be used in many capacities. Those who own stores have found multiple ways to take advantage of these wooden containers to better organize their business.

Of course, the primary way that shop owners take advantage of these tubs is filling them with merchandise. They have been used to sell a wide array of products, from flowers to candy. They are a great choice as far as display pieces go because they are durable and will look nice with any existing decorations.

Many of the tubs come with lids, which is great for storing products that may go stale if they are left out in the air. However, with a bit of creativity, the lids turn them into entirely new sales pieces. The tubs can instantly turn into pedestals which, when arranged strategically around the store, can be a dynamic and exciting display.

Even if they are not used to sell products directly, these tubs can help improve business. They are great for organizing a messy back storage room or cash wrap. When things in the store are clearly organized, it is easy for employees to provide great service by finding exactly what their customers need without digging around through a big mess.

Wood tubs may be an unconventional choice for store displays, but that is part of what makes them so great. They will immediately catch the eyes of customers and pique their interest in whatever products may be inside. They can be used with lids as pedestals for displaying featured items, or used in the back room to keep the store running in an organized fashion