Cellphone locker charging station ipad mini storage cabinet homework school slot

  • $288.57

Having trouble with students keep staring at their cellphones at class?
Employees spend too much time on their phones?
FixtureDisplays cell phone iPad mini charging station lockers mail slots are ideal for use in gyms, health clubs, government buildings, schools and other settings where small items need to be securely stored and be charged on time.
Constructed entirely of steel metal with black coating, cell phone lockers can accommodate cell phones, iPads, wallets, keys, cameras, tablet PC's and other small items.
Size: 21.1" W x 10.4" H x 9.4" D, 12 compartments, 12 unique locks.
Locks come with unique keys for users' privacy.
Each slot's lock comes with two identical keys.
Two master keys are provided.
Master keys can access any locker.
Multiple units buyers, master key is universal.
Each locker has unique key with minor statistical possilbility of duplication.
Need additional key blanks for duplicating additional keys? Contact us cs at FixtureDisplays.
Slot measures: 6.3"x 2"x 8.3", Each slot is equipped with a 110V charging outlet, so users can plug in their own charging device with ease.
Slot is tall enough for hands to go in to access power and content.
To avoid users lose both keys, we recommend you order one of our key box, to properly store all the spare keys.
If a user lost his/her key, you can quickly duplicate the spare key and avoid the trouble of losing both keys.
We offer larger lockers as well.
Browse our store for more items! Key boxes and Tags are listed and available in my amazon store.
ASIN number is: B017D5QKXK and B00OZTSX2Y . Link is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017D5QKXK?ref=myi_title_dp.                                         To order wall mount bracket,follow:https://www.fixturedisplays.net/products/bracket_15635