Fingerprint PadLock Keyless Locker Door Gym Smart USB Shed Gate Garage TouchOpen

  • $96.01

This fingerprint padlock allows up to 20 users/fingerprints. Touch to open lock means no more keys or combination to remember. Just use your fingerprint. This padlock last up to 90 days per charge. Built in battery is 150mAh capacity. Use indoors. This fingerprint padlock is great both indoor use: gym lockers, school lockers, team sports gear or prize trunks, office drawers cabinets, interior doors, garage doors, warehouse doors, suitcase, handbag, luggage, bike, etc. This cool geeky device also make a great gift to all age groups young and advanced in years. No more fumbling for keys. Best practice: Keey your lock charged at least every couple of weeks to ensure you always have juice in it. Relatively small size allow it work in most areas: Measures 2.75" (70mm) tall 1.75" (42 mm) wide. APPs? No, no need for apps when you have your fingers :-)
When out of battery, the smart lock will remain locked, simply connect to a USB power supply to resume operation and keep battery charged.
The padlock beam is made of stainless steel for excellent tamper resistance. Lock body is made from zinc alloy.
Brief instructions: 1. Record Admin Fingerprint: Hold 9 seconds, blue light blink trice, then press 6 times; 2. Record other users: hold 9 seconds, blue blink trice, press once admin fingerprint, then new fingerprint for 6 times; 3. Restore: hold 20 seconds, red blink trice, press twice admin finger print.
For your convenience here is a link to assembly video: You can also search¡°15064?fingerprint?padlock?fixturedisplays INSTRUCTIONS¡± on youtube to locate the video.You can also download video by following this link: