FixtureDisplays® Cellphone Locker Mobilephone Storage Charging Station Camp Work School Classroom 6-Slot, 14.2" Wide X 7.9" Tall X 9"15253-USB

  • $89.12

If you're in a position of authority, cellphones can drive you crazy if your students aren't paying attention in class on Snapchat, your employees are staring at their phones while on the forklift, your workers taking extended bathroom breaks texting, visitors smuggling cellphones into restricted areas..
Now you can fix all that with our Cellphone Mini Lockers Charging Station.
FixtureDisplays cell phone Tablet Computer mini charging station lockers mail slots are ideal for use in gyms, health clubs, resorts, camps, government buildings, schools and other settings where small items need to be securely stored and be charged.
Constructed entirely of steel metal with white coating, cell phone lockers can accommodate cell phones, Tablet Computers, wallets, keys, cameras, tablet PC's and other small items.
6 compartments, 6 unique locks.
Overal size: 14.2" Wide X 7.9" Tall X 9" Deep (Front to Back).
Comes with 6 compartments.
Each slot measures 6.3" Wide (Left to Right) X 2.0" High X 8.3" Deep (Front to Back). 5V USB female socket in every slot.
Locks come with unique keys for users' privacy. Each slot's lock comes with two identical keys.
Two master keys are provided.
Master keys can access any locker.
Multiple units buyers, master key is universal.
Each locker has unique key with statistical possilbility of duplication.
Need additional key blanks? Contact us cs at FixtureDisplays.
Additional keys – order blanks to dupliate at your locksmith: Additional locks can be ordered as well they come with 2 keys.
Admin keys can also be ordered by following this link:。
For name tags, use this link:。
One plug goes to the wall (110V), then all the slots are powered.
Your smart device with a cover protection may not fit.
Do check your cover dims against listed slot opening.
Key boxes and tags are listed and available in our Amazon store.
ASIN number is: B017D5QKXK and B00OZTSX2Y.                                                                To order wall mount bracket,follow:                          Jail locker