Cellphone Locker Keyless Access Computer Controlled Public Private Smartphone Storage Locker 15260

  • $540.05

【Cellphone Locker】Smartphone mini tablet storage cabinet. 12 slots.
【Keyless access】 Centralized computer control with easy touch keypad. Great for school, court, prison, millitary base, battle ship etc.
【Public or private modes】You can set this locker for public use whereby many new users often and each can set their own password, or set for private use with steady users.
【Steel contrcutions】Constructed of steel metal, powder coated white. Product measures 25.9" wide X 9.1" deep X 10.4" tall.Each slot usable measures 6.3" wide X 2.0" tall X 8.3" deep.
【Computerized access with video instructions】Use this video to learn how access control works. (Disregard the charging capability - this listing does not have charging. Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/gQrt6IFBAms. You can also search "15260 Cellphone Locker" on youtube to locate the video.

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