Natural Jute Twine Arts Crafts Christmas Gift Twine Packing Materials Durable

  • $1.62

Fixture Displays 300 Ft Natural Jute Twine has many uses in life, this jute twine is really a good helper. Perfect to use in Arts and Crafts wrapping gifts and gardening.
For Craft - This jute twine can be used to wrap presents, as a ribbon or as a decoration on crafts. Also great to decor wine bottles, wedding party, picture frames and more.
For Garden - This natural jute twine can be used to prop tomatos, cucumbers and other vegetables up.
This Twine is also a great packing material, extremely strong and durable!
String diameter: 0.078" (2mm);
Length of per Roll: approx. 300 ft.
Weight: 0.22 lbs.