Pocker Chip Stand Casino Betting Chip Challenge Coin Display Collectible Trading Baseball Card Disp

  • $8.01

Pocker Chip Casino Challeng Coin Collectible Baseball Card Display Stand Rack for Countertop use.
This wood chip stand help organize and present chips coins in a professional setting. Great countertop display to help manage sample swatches, collectible baseball cards, gift cards, coins, golf ball markers etc. Use at home, office, or retail establishments.
Rack is 7.48*7.48*7.48. Total 7 tiered steps. Each tier measures 7" Wide X 1" Deep X 0.8" Tall. Come fully assembled and ready to use. Slot is 7¡° long, 1/8" (3.5mm) wide, about 3/8" deep. Material is MDF with beech wood melamine finish. Product weigh 1.3 lbs.