Wall Mount Greeting Card Display Wire Horizontal Landscape 7x5 Cards Pocket 7.8" 11715

  • $22.51

【Wall Mount Greeting Card Rack】 Post Card Display Wire Rack Black Horizontal Landscape 7x5" Cards. Pocket is 7.8" Wide. Holds 1" Deep cards. There is no limit on card height.
【Tilted Forward Viewing Angle】Cards do tilt forward for better viewing angle. Pocket depth is 1" at bottom 2" at top.
【6 Pockets】Measures 28 X 7.8 X 2". Weighs 2.2 lbs. Made from quality steel wire, powder coated black. Comes wth two hanging holes. Holes are 3 1/3" on center. Ready for wall mount. Screws are provided. Use stud finder to locate a stud for best results.
【Minimal Overlap】Almost full view displays of cards.
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