6X6X24" Clear Riser Acrylic Transparent Plexiglass Pedestal Table Display Podium 2X10136-6X6"+4X10135-24"

  • $28.71

24" tall pedestal table, made from clear plexiglass acrylic, is great to elevate your table lamp, poistion a flower centerpiece, a treasured portrait picture frame, sculpture bust... Or use as a stand for books, plants, drinks, or merchandise such as purses, bags, shoes at a retail store.
This display riser is made from premium clear acrylic: 1" rods and 5mm (3/16" plexiglass sheets. Visually appealing, quality craftsmanship adds a very contempoary museum quality and feel to your articles on display.
Acylic may look fragile, but the structure is fairly sound and hold weight of most articles.
If your object is very heavy, do contact us. Use this riser to arrange your centerpiece flower arrangement, decorative vase, trophy...
Simple assembly with provided 8 flat head screws.
To help ensure you have no trouble put this together, please find this youtube link for a sister item: https://youtu.be/PXM2eq6AyZo.
Consider other heights are size as small as 9X9X36, up to 12X12X36. Custom jobs are welcome, make to order do take time and cost more.