Wooden Puzzle Block Educational Sorting Board Shape Geometry Match Game Toy, Day Care Preschool Todd

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The Wood Block Stacking Toy Match Game is great for toddlers from 18 month and up to 4 years old. Use at daycare centers, pre-schools and other early learning places or home nursery use. Help build childrens' early shape, color and size differentiation skills, help stimulate children's imagination, excercise fine motor skills, promote physical and intellectual development. Woode pieces are perfectly sized for toddlers' small hands. Compact 13 X 3 X 2.3" size is easy to carry for travel. Weighs 1 lb.
Purchase this toddler gift set for your children, or your grand children or nephews and nieces for the holiday season, or procure for your school, day care or library. Last for years to come.
Help promote hand-eye coordination and imaginative play: This is a wonderful Educational shape toy for toddlers, help kids learn differences in shapes, colors, as well as basic number counting skills. Great toddler toys for 1.5 2 3 4 year old boys girls.
This shape play set comes in 5 different shapes: pentagon, square, triangle, rectangle and round. There are 3 pieces for each shape. They each have corresponding number of holes on the pieces: Pentagon has 5 holes, squware has 4 holes, triangle has 3 holes, rectangle has 2 holes, and circle has one hole. The stacking board has matching number of dowels for these shaps to fit onto.
NON-TOXIC and safe to use, They are all non-toxic, BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free. The wood board is sanded smooth and the key pegs are well attached. The set is made with fine craftsmanship. Stacking Blocks Contains total 20 shape pieces, one board. Overall size: 13 X 3 X 2.3 inches.