10 inches Round Acrylic Mirror Plastic Shatter Proof Bath Nursery Kids Safety 15639-10 inches

  • $4.88

【10-inch round plastic shatter proof mirror】Made from 0.2 inches (5mm) acrylic material. Laser cut to shape. Edge is moderate won't cut easily. Mirror is durable and is shatter proof (one could break it with brute force, but not nearly as easy as with glass
【Peel off protective film on front】Mirror comes with protective film. Peel off before use. Great for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, gyms, offices
【10 inches round acrylic mirror, 0.2 inches thick】Mirror weighs 11 ounces. Back side coating can be scratched off. So watch out during handling
【Quality image】Reflective silver evenly applied, very minimal distortion. Acrylic mirror usually is not as sharp as glass image wise in that its flexible material, but this gives very decent reflection would no impact daily use in any way
【Double sided tape, or decorative hardware mounting - not included】Use double sided tape. Clean wall thoroughly before applying tape. You can also use adhesive of your choice. To order doublesided tape: https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?_route_=Removable_Doublesided_Glue_Dot_15424&search=15424; To mount with decrative stand offs https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?_route_=Standoffs_18823-4PK&search=18823, https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?_route_=Standoffs_16797-0.787
Recommend use doublesided foam tape (not included) to mount to wall.