2700 G/H 20' Lift Submersible Pond Water Pump 85W 20' Power Cord Waterfall Tank 15796

  • $55.70

【Pond Pump Submersible Water Pump】The submersible pump features a copper brushless motor and measures 9x4x5.4 inches. Its casing is made of ABS material. The pump comes with four different sized adapters: 1x diameter 20mm, 1x diameter 25mm, and 2x diameter 30mm. Overall, it weighs 5.35 pounds
【Removable, Universal Adapter Submersible Pump】The connections are resin-sealed for waterproofing and preventing electrical leakage. The power plug cord is 11.5' (139.5 inches) long. The four adapters are universal and can be used as required. If you want to connect a water hose, the outer diameter of the adapter should match the inner diameter of the water hose
【Low Noise, 2700 Gallons/10000L Per Hour, Energy-saving】This quiet pond pump boasts a noise reduction design producing approximately 30-40 decibels only. Compared to other filtration pumps, it offers a higher output at 2700 gallons/10000L per hour while consuming only 85W 60Hz, AC110V; Suitable for a 420-gallon pond. The submersible pump's maximum submersion depth should not exceed 59 inches
【20' Lift with Detachable Filter Cover, 85 PSI】Lift water up to 19.69 feet/6 meters. If you have minimal elevation, the pump can push water a long way. Pressure 85 PSI
【Suitable for Clean Water, with Power-Off Protection】This submersible pump is suitable for clean water. If impurities clog it, it will automatically shut off. Please clean it thoroughly before reusing it. Place the submersible pump in water and fill it completely before connecting to the power source. Air inside the pump will affect its operation. If the pump is out of water for 30 seconds, it activates power-off protection and stops running
【Wide Range of Applications】Suitable for aquarium circulation and water drainage, pond water circulation, artificial rockery water crafts, fountain pools, etc.
【Recommend Filter Mesh Bag】If your water source may contain leaves, debris... we recommend ordering a pump filter mesh bag for smooth operation
【Product Video】Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/7DIxbm4PUy4. You can also search "15796 water pump 2600 gallons per hour 20 25 30 mm hose adapters fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: https://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/15796.AVI