3 Plant Mint Spearmint Live Plant Edible Aromatic Herb Plant, Organic MINT-3PK

  • $4.49

【Easy to grow, indoor & outdoors】Prennial. Comes back every year. Multiplies quickly. If plant arrive in bad shape, prune dead leaves and keep watering daily. In event plant did not survive, no return needed we will replace
【3 Plant】Listing is for 3 individual plant with roots. Plant size varies from a couple inches tall to 5 inches tall or more. If u desire bigger or specific plant size, do reach out to us so we can take care of u. Bushy picture shows how it look after a few months. Fully grown plants outdoors can grow up to 2 feet tall with white/light purple flowers. Great for bees and other polinators
【Harvest leaves or with stem】You can harvest leave with or without branches
【Natural defense】Mint plants (in both their natural and essential oil form) have been found to act as an effective deterrent against common wasps, hornets, ants, and cockroaches
【Gardening or culinary uses】Great for Herb garden & containers. Great for teas & other beverages, salads, garnish, jelly, desserts
【Care instructions】Plant in full sun to partial shade for the best yields