6063 Aluminum Anodized Sand Blasted Round Tube, 12mm OD, 9mm ID 1.5mm Wall Thickness X 36 Inches Long Seamless Aluminum Straight Tubing Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm 15575-36"

  • $3.38

【12mm OD (Half Inch nominal, 0.47" actual)】 1.5mm (0.06") Wall thickness, 9mm (0.36") ID, 36 Inches Long Seamless Aluminum Straight Tubing. Great for DIY projects, model building, repairs
【Weight】Weighs 0.298 pounds
【Surface Finish】Sand blasted, oxidized, heat treated. Weighs 0.298 pounds
【6063 Aluminum, seamless】Seamless tube construction for smooth interior surface and improved fluid flow
【Assembly Video】Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/j6KdGKN1VGI. You can also search "15575 36 25mm one inch 36 inches long aluminum tube 1 5mm wall fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/15575 36 25mm.AVI