4 PIECES 4x4" Steel Plate 6GA Base for Structure Support Weldable Metal Plate 10179-4PK

  • $8.46

【4 Pieces Steel Plate Base for General and Industrial Use】You get 4 plates per listing. These four plates serve as dependable anchors for posts and structures atop brick, concrete, or cinder block surfaces. Their flat, versatile design lends itself to various industrial and home building and applications. They offer reliable support, especially for structures prone to intense vibrations. Additionally, these metal base plates double as sturdy mounts for permanently installed equipment
【6GA 4X4" Metal Plate】The metal plate measures 4 inches in width and depth, boasting a thickness of 6GA (5mm). It features four holes, each with a diameter of 0.39 inches, spaced 3 X 3" inches apart from center hole to center hole
【Rust Proof Gray Finish】The surface is coated with gray rust-resistant paint to prevent the iron plate from rusting, ensuring long-lasting durability and quality
【Product Video】Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/gHpjTq54iAw. You can also search "10179 hot rolled steel mounting plate 4x4 inches 4ga 5mm 0 2 inches fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: https://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/10179.AVI