6.7"WX 5.9"H 12-Pocket Adjustable Display Rack Wallmount Greeting Card Holder 11608-TRIPPLE-BLACK-NEW

  • $14.27

【6.7" Pocket Width up to 21" Wide】6.7" Pocket width when using all 3 columns. When using less columns, you can go up to 21" Wide! Adjustable and removable pockets. Minimum pocket width is 4.6 inches (117mm). Each pocket measures 4 inches in height and 0.86 inches in depth. Overall height is 24 inches. Depends on your display needs, some pockets can be left out to accomodate taller and wider cards and products
【Standard 5.9" Tall Pocket Up to 24" Tall】When lesser pockets are installed vertially, you can display products as tall as 24". When four pockets per column is installed, each pocket height is: 5.9"
【Wall Mount Greeting Post Card Christmas Holiday Card Holders】This wall mounted greeting card display rack is an economical and efficient way to showcase your special greeting card portfolio. If you display horizontal and vertical cards, didsplay wide and narrow cards, have super tall cards. This card rack does it all! The shipping box measures 24.8 inches in width, 3.5 inches in depth, 2.17 inches in height with a gross weight of 3.2 pounds
【Made of Steel Wire with a Powder-Coated Black Finish】This card rack is made of steel wires powder coated black
【Wall Moundted Hardware Include】8 screws and anchors included (older version does not have screws. If you got one of these, please kindly use your own screws)
【Assembly Video】Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/Our5ykvpkc0. You can also search "11608 tripple black or white wall mount greeting card adjustable 4x6 6x4 5x7 7x5 small larger wide" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/11608 tripple.AVI