50PK Retail Security Display Hook Anti-Theft Security Hook Lock STOP LOCK 6mm

  • $8.99

FixtureDisplays 50pcs Red Retail Shop Security Display Hook Anti Sweep Theft Security Hook Lock with Logo "STOP LOCK" 6mm.
The security hook lock is an inexpensive way to keep your inventory from "walking out" of your store! It is the easiest anti-theft device for your employees to use and it reminds your staff to always refill product when running out.
Once the limit is met for product in front of the hook lock, store personnel have to attend to the customer to release product behind the stop lock for purchase. The store personnel can then refill these hooks with product to always maintain the merchandising planogram.
This lock was designed to prevent customers taking merchandise off pegboard or slatwall hooks.
Secure stock displayed on wire display hooks and save money by detering theft.
Unlocking and controlling inventory is quick and easy with magnetic detacher (sold separately) by pointing it at the bottom of the hook lock.
Material: Plastic.
Hook Lock Dimension: 6mm.
Listing is for 50 hook locks.