Eyebrow Tweezers Precision Slanted Tweezers Brow Plucking Hair Beauty Tweezers

  • $1.25

Fixture Displays Eyebrow Tweezers, Precision Slanted Tweezers for Ingrown Hair and Brow Plucking, Perfectly Aligned Slant Tip with Strong Grip, Removal of Splinters, Ticks & Glass.
The carefully calibrated tension in this pair of tweezers allows for maximum control and makes it easy to grab hairs from the roots, giving you salon beautiful eyebrows with minimum discomfort. Perfect for all little or big beauty & grooming jobs like plucking nose hair and fine facial or chin hair.
The thin, durable tweezer tips are hand-filed to an ultra precise edge.
The stainless steel metal of our tweezers is hard, smooth and bacteria resistant. Plus, it is super easy to clean; just tweeze, rinse & repeat!
The classic 3.9-inch long design in a cute pastel pink painting easily tucks away in your purse or makeup bag, and it's a very convenient tool with surgical qualities to have in your first aid kit & travel set for at-home or on-the-go medical use.