Acrylic Riser Centre Hole Paper Weight Clear Acrylic Cube Riser Block

  • $29.89

FixtureDisplays 10x10x1" Acrylic Riser with 8" Centre Hole, Paper Weight Clear Acrylic Cube Riser Solid Block. This clear 10x10x1" solid acrylic cube is a wonderful piece of art. Great to use as a retail riser to showcase your product such as ball, a bowl, or anything spherical... Features a 8" centre hole, perfect for art pieces and collectables.
For best results, clean this riser with rubbing alchohol. Handle with care to prevent scratching this piece of art.
Measures 10" wide x 1" high x 10" deep. Centre hole is 8" in diameter by 1" high.
Material: Acrylic.
Weight: 2.15 lbs.