Aquarium Scrubber, Net, Clip, Scraper, Plant Grabber Tool Kit12207

  • $6.15

Aquarium Cleaning (set 5-in-1) tool kit. Great for aquarium cleaning and organization. This aquarium tool set will make your
Set 5-In-1: Pebble Rake, Fish Net, Fiber Tank Brush, Plant Clamp, Algae Brush
Fiber tank brush: Tank cleaner, suitable for all size of tanks.
Algae brush: Easily removes the water marks and moss, specially good for easy-scratch tanks like acrylic tank.
Pebble Rake helps even and shape pebbles in desired condition.
Plant clamp allows you move plants without getting your hands wet.
This set includes five cleaning tools and one handle. All tools can be easily assembled and disassemble with ease. Handle is a shared component.