Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster 7.5 X 6 X 10.6" 4.5 lbs, 3 Scoops 100 grams 15769

  • $169.95

【3 Scoops, 100 Grams Capacity】 LCD display, clear container for easy observation. Transparent high-temperature resistant glass allows observation of coffee's peeling process
【Chaff Shell Filter】 The filter on top is made of stainless steel and collects coffee bean husks. The roaster body is made of ABS plastic for superior durability
【Product Dimensions 7.5 X 6 X 10.6"】The coffee roaster machine measures 7.48 inches in length, 6.18 inches in width, and 10.63 inches in height, weighing 4.14 pounds. It has a two-pronged plug with a 36-inch cord suitable for 110V voltage, with a power of 1400W
【Easy to Use】Beginner-friendly while also adjustable for experienced baristas. Simply load green coffee, close lid, power-on, select roasting time between 5-9 minutes, and push "roast". Machine automatic start cooling for 6 minutes after roasting
【Cool off & Chaff Shell Removal Tips】Pour beans to a colander, sift shake to blow off remaining chaffs, use a hair dryer or fan for speedier process, till beans are at room temperature, otherwise beans will continue to "cook"
【Allow 3 hours cooling before grinding】Before grinding and brewing, allow a minimum of 3 hours for further cooling
【Product Video】Video Instructions link: You can also search "15769 coffee bean roaster machine electric fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link:
【Parts and Recommendations】Recommend our automatic roaster 15783: you need any parts, please kontact cs at FixtureDisplays