Back Brace Pain Relief Belt Lower Work Belt Non-Slip Lumbar Support 42-48" Waist

  • $5.40

* This back brace support belt works for 44 - 48" Waistline. Help prtoect your back during heavy lifting, long standing, and relieves back pain by keeping your back straight, muscles steady and maintain good posture.
* Engineered with 8 spring loaded memory support stays to provide strong vertical support and prevent excessive muscle rolling, thus reduce spine disc pressure.
* Help prevent back injuries due to weightlifting, standing or sitting for a long time. For customers who have chronicle waist muscle pain, intervertebral disc herniation, sciatica or scoliosis, this can be tremendous help in improving your quality of life.
* Low profile incognito wear. Comfortable to wear under your scrubs, or regular cloth. Made from Spandex, Cotton. Inside layer is made of soft velvet fabric.
* Tightening straps helps in providing extra support. Strong hoop and loop attachment. It doesn't slip down or ride up. Truly give you relaxation and peace of mind while wearing this back brace.