Display, Acrylic Countertop Food Case w/ Curved Front Rear Door Reload 13032

Display, Acrylic Countertop Food Case w/ Curved Front Rear Door Reload 13032

  • $203.50

These food bins, food cases are an effective marketing mechanism for use in any business. The unique, curved front design is an attractive way to display your food items. Fabricated from clear acrylic, these food cases can be used in almost any setting. The durable materials are made to weather constant use. These food cases, also known as acrylic bins, can be used to present a variety of contents. Gourmet edibles and pastries are just a couple of suggestions. These food cases are often seen in hotels, delis and bakeries. Managers of these establishments know that these bins are a must.

These food cases are one of the most popular food containers. Eating establishments can showcase a variety of items in one simple structure. Food cases, like acrylic bins and bakery displays, can be used to store and display cookies, bagels, donuts, muffins, cupcakes and brownies. We supply the models with 3 clear plastic trays. These food cases make your products look stunning and tempting. Customers will salivate as they see the many delectable options on the three trays. We sell these food cases in many different designs and sizes. Users should browse the rest of the category to find the perfect option. These countertop displays, food cases will definitely be a profitable investment for your business.

Overall Size: 19"w x 17-1/2"h x 17-1/8"d
Overall Tray Size: 18"w x 1"h x 13"d
Inner Tray Size: 16"w x 3/4"h x 11"d
Weight: 19 lbs.


These food bins, acrylic displays and other food cases can be used to display almost anything you can think of..