18"w Rectangular Woven Basket 120017

  • $7.79

Woven Bread Basket is Constructed of Plastic
This woven bread basket, called a retail fixture, is ideal for use at bakeries to display a variety of pastries. Some of the features that sets this bin apart from similar wicker styles is the durable plastic construction and the resistance to mold. Each woven bread basket will not mold from moisture over time. The fact that the retail display does not mold makes the bakery bin the ideal choice for fruits and baked goods.
This woven bread basket can be hand washed as often as desired. The bin will not become worn or tattered like traditional wicker from the cleaning process. Each woven bread basket that is a presentable fixture has a golden finish. The bakery bin can hold assorted items like fruits, linens, bathroom products and more!
The retail display, woven bread basket was designed to outlast traditional willow bins. Each pastry holder is made out of plastic coated wire, for a long lasting retail display! This woven bread basket that is made from polypropylene will not soak in water like natural willow holders. This retail bin can be washed and dried in minutes for switching out products quickly. Each bakery display is a woven bread basket that has a stable frame with the plastic coated wire construction. The wire in the framework will help maintain the bins shape, even after years of use. Many businesses will place the woven bread basket on the counter near register for impulse or sale items. These bakery bins are available for purchase in bulk quantities at an additional discount.
Overall Width x Height x Depth: 18.0" x 3.0" x 11.5";
Weight: 0.5lbs;
Material: Polypropylene;
Color: Natural;
Placement Style: Counter / Tabletop;
Inside Width x Height x Depth: 16.0" x 2.5" x 10.0".