11" Round Woven Bread Basket - Black 120027

  • $3.67

Bagel Baskets are Made of PlasticThese bagel baskets, also called gift holders, can be used in both residential and commercial settings. The catering bin can be used to hold various bakery items, napkins, utensils, fruit, and more. These bagel baskets that are constructed from polypropylene are designed to withstand commercial use. The plastic material the bin is made of is more resilient than traditional wicker.
These bagel baskets that can be washed are great for restaurants or bakeries that have constantly changing foods. The holder can be purchased in bulk quantities for more savings!These restaurant displays, bagel baskets can even be placed in a dishwasher for safe and quick cleaning. The catering holder is resistant to mold. These bagel baskets that have a small footprint can fit into tight or cluttered spaces.
The food display??s footprint is 9-1/4?? diameter. These bagel baskets have flexible yet strong interwoven design for added stability.
The restaurant bin is small enough for employees to display multiple units together. These bagel baskets will not be"e brittle over time from use or moisture like wicker. The holder is also the ideal size for home use or any dinner table.
Height x Diameter: 2.5"