18"w Oval Woven Basket w/ 2 Side Handles 120029

  • $2.62

Oval Woven Basket is Constructed From Plastic
This oval woven basket, also called a polypropylene fixture, could be used in either a commercial or residential setting! The container comes in a golden finish for easily integrating into various environments. Each oval woven basket that has (2) handles is made for easily transferring the bin from location to the next.
The display is ideal for bakeries or produce areas where products are constantly changing. This oval woven basket that is made from polypropylene was designed for long-term use. The materials this display was constructed from gives this product added durability over similar wicker. Each oval woven basket that is reinforced with steel threads gives this bin better stability when an assortment of items is placed inside this unit. The container can be used in bakery departments at grocery stores!This retail fixture, oval woven basket has many features that make this product better suited for stores, especially when compared to wicker.
These features include the ability to wash the product, the unit will not mold, and the holder is reinforced with steel wire. Each oval woven basket is great for bakery shelving placement. The ability for this product to not become moldy, makes this container ideal for holding fresh fruits and vegetables. This oval woven basket can be washed. The bin can be cleaned as desired without worrying about the bin becoming brittle over time. Each oval woven basket will not absorb the water like willow or wicker.
The polypropylene display can quickly be washed and dried in moments. The fixture can even be used in someone's home to hold dish cloths and other items!
Overall Width x Height x Depth: 18.0" x 6.0" x 11.3";
Weight: 0.5lbs;
Material: Polypropylene, Steel Wire;
Placement Style: Counter / Tabletop;
Inside Width x Height x Depth: 15.5" x 5.0" x 10.5".