Wood Beer Tap Handle Header Keg Handle Faucet Pub Draft Marker Brand Generic

  • $3.68

Rectangle Top Beer Tap Handle Header. You can use as a short handle, or you can optionally purchase extender handles. Solid beech wood. 3.5" Wide * 3.19" Tall * 1.3" Thick. Work with any of the 6 handles: 20977-30, 20977-31, 20977-32, 20977-33, 20977-34, 20977-35. On the header bottom is female 3/8" 16UNC screw. Pick and choose among the many combinations to make your perfect beer tap handle. Easy twist on and off, you can refresh your line up with changing looks any time you desire. If you have found THE look, and wish to permanently attach the header to handle, you can optionally use some adhesive in the joint. There are also screw glues for that specific purpose if you so wish. Primed and painted with aged oak color. Header is easy to customize with either stickers, markers, or if you wish contact us about laser etching. You can find us via sales at fixturedisplays daut calm. To purchase additional tap handles or tap handle hardware, search tap handles on FixtureDisplays. Please be sure to double check your machine screw type is 3/8" 16UNC for proper fit.Female ferrule thread: 3/8" 16 UNC