Window Bird Feeder Clear Bird Feeder Transparent Wild Bird Feeder SongbirdFeeder

  • $16.18

Fixture Displays Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Large Window Bird Feeder with Removable Tray & Drain Holes. This bird feeder is made from transparent acrylic, provide you amazing close up views of your favorite wild birds.
Makes bird watching fun and easy from the comfort of your own home while relaxing in your favorite chair, working at your desk, making dinner in the kitchen, and more. Kids and pets also love to watch the birds sitting inches away from their faces.
This durable window bird feeder is easy to install and clean. Mounts to any window (without screen). Three extra strong suction cups ensure your feeder remains secure to your window even in extreme weather.
Easy to clean and refill with a removable tray. Tray has a divider allowing you to use two kinds of seed.
Drain holes in both the tray and main feeder prevent seed from staying wet and growing mold.
Perch design with padded grip on the seed tray means birds will thank you and stick around longer. Top cover piece protects birds and seeds from rain and snow.
To make this a squirrel proof bird feeder, mount high on a window away from jump-off points. Squirrels (and other pests) cannot climb glass windows.
Measures 11.8" width, 5" height and 4" depth. Material is acrylic, color is clear.