Bottle Bubble Wrap Wine Wrap Protector Wrap Sleeves Cushioning Bubble Pack 20PK

  • $2.77

FixtureDisplays 20PK Bottle Bubble Wrap, Wine Wrap Protector, Wrap Sleeves Cushioning Bubble Pack, Glass Travel Airline Transport Bags, Great to Protect Bottle.
This bottle bubble wrap is the best way to protect wine bottle or other similar fragile products. This wine bottle bubble wrap allow you ship delicate items with peace of mind.
Flat (not inflated) dimension is 15" x 9.4" (39cm x 24cm)each. Inflated inner dimension is 12.5" (32cm) high and 2.7" (7cm) wide.
10 pcs high quality strong and durable bottle air bubble wrap protector sleeves air filled column for safety transportation and delivery avoid breakage, deformation.
Each column has a strong air tightness, each column is inddependently sealed after inflation.
Easy and quick to inflate, additional equipment necessary for use, hand pump or other requirement (Not Included).You can also use your air compressor with a proper attachment. Continuous rolls are also available, inquire with us for more details.