FixtureDisplays® 8-Chimney Clear Acrylic Candy Holder 100812

  • $127.48

【Product Type】FixtureDisplays Plaxiglass Acrylic Candy Holder - 8 Chimney
【Quantity】This listing is for 2 sets of candy holders, totaling 8 chimneys
【Material】Made from 1/8" clear acrylic, high quality and durable
【Usage】Perfect for displaying candy, confection, biscuits, and more.
【Design】Clear design that fits any environment and allows customers to see inside the candy tubes directly.
【Dimensions】Individual tubes are 6" wide. There are 8 tubes total: (2) at 12" tall, (2) at 16" tall, (2) at 20" tall, and (2) at 24" tall.