FixtureDisplays® Clear Acrylic Rectangular Open-Ended Tube - Stackable Plaxiglass Gravity Feed Candy Display - Treats Tube Display 100854

  • $10.75

【High-Quality and Durable】Made from 1/8" thickness clear acrylic, ensuring durability and longevity.
【Plaxiglass Candy Bin】A candy display designed with a gravity feed system, allowing for easy access to treats.
【Compact and Space-Efficient】Measures 7.3" width x 9" height x 5" depth, making it suitable for various countertop spaces.
【Crystal Clear Visibility】The clear acrylic material provides excellent visibility, allowing customers to see the candy inside.
【Stylish and Professional】The sleek design of the candy bin enhances the aesthetic appeal of any candy display.