FixtureDisplays® Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Lucite Transparent Display Container - Ideal for Rice, Grains, Cereal, Spice, Coffee Beans, Candy - Can Also Be Used as a Donation Box or Piggybank 100858

  • $20.48

【Versatile and Multi-functional】Can be used as a rice grains cereal display, spice container, coffee bean bin, candy tube, donation box, or piggybank.
【Eye-catching Design】The clear transparent acrylic material and 14" height make it highly visible and attention-grabbing for customers.
【Bulk Display Capability】Ideal for candy display racks, allowing you to create an attractive and abundant bulk display by purchasing multiple pieces.
【Ample Capacity】Measures 6" width, 3" depth, and has a 2.8-liter capacity, with 2.4 liters for the outer ring and 0.4 liters for the center ring.
【Convenient Placement】Designed for wall-mounted placement (hardware not provided), making it easy to position and access.