FixtureDisplays® Large Acrylic Candy Bin with Removable Plexiglass Tube 100866

  • $199.99

【Large Candy Bin with Acrylic Tube】: A captivating addition to any candy store, featuring a spacious acrylic bin attached to a fully functional candy tube.
【Eye-catching Retail Display】: Fill the bin with an array of colorful candies to impress and engage customers as they enter your store.
【Efficient Gravity Bin Design】: The bin and tube operate as a gravity bin, ensuring that it remains filled even during busy periods, saving you valuable time.
【Customer Attraction and Increased Sales】: Kids will be drawn to this candy dispenser, resulting in a significant boost in sales for your store.
【Dimensions and Capacity】: The bin measures 12"W x 14"D x 9"H, with an attached tube that is 4"D and 24"H. The overall height of the display is 30". The bin has a capacity of approximately 5.27 gallons, holding about 22 lbs of 1" gumballs.