FixtureDisplays® Transparent Acrylic Candy Bin with Clear Plexiglass Candy Dispenser for Treats Display 100870

  • $21.33

【Highly Durable Acrylic Containers】: These acrylic containers are incredibly sturdy and built to withstand heavy use, making them an excellent choice for displaying candy, nuts, or other treats that will effortlessly entice customers.
【Attractive and Profit-Boosting Display】: The containers are designed to be visually appealing, effectively driving sales by capturing customers' attention and encouraging impulse purchases.
【Perfect Size for Beautiful Displays】: The acrylic step bins are just the right size to create stunning displays, allowing you to showcase a wide variety of tasty treats and create an enticing visual arrangement.
【Convenient Dimensions and Weight】: With dimensions of 7 3/4" wide x 9 1/4" high x 13 1/2" depth, these containers strike a balance between providing ample storage space and fitting comfortably on your counters. The empty weight is 4 lbs, and when full, they weigh 14 lbs.
【Generous Capacity】: These containers can hold approximately 10 lbs of gumballs, with a candy bin capacity of 3.3 gallons, ensuring an ample supply to meet customer demand.