Acrylic Plexiglass Lucite Candy Food Retail Bin Container Dispenser

  • $36.17

* Discounted due to material has micro hairlines at bend, does not impact functionality. Sales in deep discuont! *
This multi-pupose bulk display bin is a retailer's dream. Made of strong, food grade acrylic, it's great for bulk candy, small trinket items or fresh bakery rolls. This display bin has unique features such as: a tapered display - higher at rear end with lower front to allow products to be properly displayed. Hinged top openning door for easy access and clean transparent see-thru allowing consumers to see products inside.
Overall dimensions: 16.7" wide, 10" front to back deep, front height is 4", back height is 10".
NOTE: bottom plate is elevated to present products in customer friendly manner. Bottom plate is removable to allow you put more contents in the bin. When the bottom plate is in-use, the effective inside height is: 3.25" front to back.