Foodservice Cart 330lbs Capaticy 3 Shelf Utility Cart Push Transfer Storage Tray Mobile Tool Bus

  • $147.36

* Perfect for restaurants, offices, schools, hotels, janitorial staff, caterers, and more. This Lightweight 33" x 17" x 38" black 3-shelf utility / bussing cart is a reliable way to transport a wide array of items from full bus tubs to janitorial supplies and school lunches.
* The durable heavy duty shelves hold a combined total of up to 330 lbs and dual molded handles aid in pushing or pulling the unit from either side.
* Molded Plastic shelves and legs prevent most stain, scratch or rust. Use this cart to hold several bus tubs to sort dirty flatware and china on your way to the dishroom, or fill it up with housekeeping supplies for your hotel/motel. However you choose to utilize this plastic cart, you can count on the Fixture Displays for economy, reliability, and durability.
* Four 4" swivel casters are included with this cart so that you can maneuver around furniture and corners with ease.
* To ensure you have best instructions possible, we have created a youtube video to show you every step: The cart assembly is pressure fit. Have a rubber mallet handy.