Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Function Car Escape Safety Tool LED Flashlight Glass Breaker Seat

  • $10.57

Fixture Displays Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, 10-in-1 Multi-Function Tool LED Flashlight, Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Screwdriver Scissors Plier Compact for Car Automotive. *
Keep Safe On Road by using this digital tire pressure gauge. Making it easy to maintain proper tire pressure PSI and prevent TIRE BLOWOUTS. *
Designed with digital display, very easy to Read. Back-lit screen to allow easy read at night. Available units of measurements are: PSI, BAR, KPA. *
10-in-1 multi-functional design, besides being a great tire gauge, this multi-tool come with other useful functions including a red led light for warning purpose, flashlight for SOS torch purpose, window hammer, seat belt cutter, scissors, two screwdriver (+ and -), plier and tire thread ruler. Tire thread ruler is on flat head (-) screwdriver. *
Compact Size, this gauge weighs in at 9 oz and is 6.25 inches long, rendering it a perfect tool to fit in the hand and fit perfectly in the glove box. *
This Tire Pressure Gauge is really a perfect gift for anyone who operates a motor vehicle.*
Battery: 1 * AAA (NOT INCLUDED).