Small 2 Liter Ceramic Porcelain Teapot Tea Kettle with Floral Design, 8X6X7" Not for Stove Top 15550

  • $7.08

* Heavenly Flower Teapot, super lovely design. Let this beauty charm you and keep you company for the relaxing team time.
* This ceramic tea kettle measures 6.7" tall with lid, body diameter is 5.7", including spout 8.3".
* Light weight 1.5 lbs fits for all ages including senior citizens.
* At 2 Liter capacity (68 oz), this kettle is great for 1-2 persons.
* At 1380 degrees celcius, this kettle along with the flowers are baked for eternal glory.
* Large handle has anti-slip design.
* Inside sprout has filter holes to keep tea leaves inside the pot.
* Kettle is meant for tea making, not stove top safe.