Red Ceramic Electric Kettle with White Polka Dots 1 Liter 1000 Watts 110V

  • $33.04

ELECTRIC CERAMIC KETTLE: Boil water in style. Red Pot with White Polka Dots design is charming on any kitchen countertop. This batch of kettles has minor imperfections and are sold at deep discount.
LEAD AND CADMIUM FREE: Glaze is free of heavy metal. No plastic in contact with water. (Silicon seal is non plastic). Heating element is concealled, in contact with water is stainless steel plate.
1000 WATTS POWER: This electric tea kettle features a 1000 watts heating element, fully detachable 360 degree power base with cord storage & a safe, easy to use design. 1 liter capacity.
BUILT-IN MAX WATER LEVEL SAFETY: Max line hiden tube DISCHARGES water at base if water is over max line. So if you accidentally over fill, excess is automatically drained. This helps prevent boiling and burning accidents.
AUOT SHUT-OFF: This kettle automatic shuts off when water is fully boiled. Heating elements are concealed for maximum safety.